Brand assets

The Wordmark:


Download the wordmark

The grey wordmark can be placed on white / pale backgrounds.

When placing it against dark /colored backgrounds (not necessarily blue), the white wordmark should be used.

The wordmark’s minimum size is 176 pixels or 22mm wide. For the grey wordmark, the RGB code is 64/64/64.

The wordmark should always have space to breathe: the space around the wordmark should be measured by one dot of the “i” above and below, and two dots of the “i” on either side.

Wordmark size

Misuse of the wordmark:

misuse wordmark


The Icon:

The icon consists of the “d”, aligned off center to the right of the icon box.

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Misuse of the icon:

The icon is always white and blue. Using any other colors is not permitted when using the Dailymotion icon.

misuse icon