Dailymotion’s Video Matchbox Empowers Publishers to Generate Turnkey Revenues with Targeted Content

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Free widget enables publishers to add contextually-relevant videos automatically to their websites and increase advertising revenue directly from Dailymotion’s library of over 30 million videos.

Dailymotion’s Publisher Network (www.dailymotion.com) has officially launched Matchbox, a new widget for publishers to increase engagement and generate turnkey revenue on digital media properties. The free tool enables publishers to automatically add contextually-relevant videos to their pages from Dailymotion’s content library. Customisation options tailored to web page CMS allow publishers to illustrate content with quality HD multimedia from tens of thousands Dailymotion premium content partners.

From the Dailymotion Publisher Dashboard, users can generate a customised code for simple embed once the widget format, content and targeting options are selected. Video results are made relevant to the content of each individual page through keyword matching based on Dailymotion’s proprietary search algorithm. Results are adjustable by layout and can be featured as a Dailymotion, single player, image list, text list or carousel. Content can also be filtered ahead of time by limiting results to a specific channel, group, playlist, user or language.

“Dailymotion Publisher Network’s new Matchbox widget is light weight, seamless and profitable for publishers to automatically embed relevant video content for their audiences,” said John Cornett, Senior Manager of Business Development for Dailymotion. “Products like Matchbox for our publishing business offer expanded opportunities for more global partners to create new revenue channels.”

Publishers serving video ads enjoy a revenue share of all referred traffic. This revenue is shared automatically by Dailymotion with the publisher through their customised syndication tool. The customisation found within the content and revenue generated within Matchbox enables developers, like Dailymotion Publisher Network customer starMedia, to tap into and increase their audience base in ways never before realised.

“The Dailymotion Matchbox has been successfully integrated into each article within the starMedia Premium Channels network, and it’s significantly contributing to increased audience engagement and page views on our digital properties. Personalised, value-added content has helped us to increase and retain a larger audience,” said Josep Sole, Portal Director for starMedia and a Dailymotion Publisher Network customer.

More developers utilising Matchbox will soon be announced. The widget can be custom-built and embedded instantly from http://www.dailymotion.com/matchbox.

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