Dailymotion searching for creative video ideas for new Paris studio

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Dailymotion, the world’s second largest video portal, is launching a call for proposals to develop creative video content, ahead of the opening of the first Dailymotion Studio in Paris.

Dailymotion will invest hundreds of thousands of Euros in the new project, which hopes to find people with a passion for developing great content for the web, and provide support to develop their ideas. Dailymotion can provide production capabilities, financial support, and a broadcasting plan for successful applicants.

The Dailymotion Studio is 600m2 and includes film sets, post-production facilities, and a projection room. The final content will be promoted to Dailymotion’s 112 million users.

Dailymotion is looking for submissions from anyone who has an idea for an original program. This could include variety shows, talk shows, interactive short programs, web-series, music, dance and tournaments. There are no specific rules or formats – entries will be judged on creativity.

This announcement follows the success of the “Dailymotion fund” for creative individuals which saw 700 participants in the first two editions.

Marc Eychenne, Head of International Content at Dailymotion, says: “Whilst others broadcasters are trying to find the big stars and bring them onto their platform, Dailymotion is looking to identify the web’s best emerging talent and give them a platform and the support to become the stars of tomorrow.”

Anyone who wishes to submit an idea should contact studio@dailymotion.com before 30th April 2013.

Applicants should include the following on their application:
- The name of their account on Dailymotion
- The project title
- A description (maximum 10 lines)
- The duration
- Links to previous projects
- Frequency of new uploads
- References pictures or a link to a tease
- A budget or inventory for shooting / post production

About Dailymotion:

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