Dailymotion surges into more living rooms with smarter apps for internet-ready TVs

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Dailymotion, the world’s second largest video site, has launched its new home entertainment strategy with the release of new and updated apps for Smart TV’s.

Dailymotion’s new internet-connected TV apps and streaming services pull content from users’ Dailymotion web profiles to allow continuous playback, in addition to browsing for new content –providing a ‘lean-back experience’.

The apps will integrate adverts in a way which mimics traditional broadcast advertising, making them less invasive to the viewing experience.

The revamped apps also see improved interfaces, more intuitive navigation and improved search functionality with auto-complete and history, across all of Dailymotion’s streaming platforms. User playlists, subscriptions and personal videos are available directly on the TV app with an option to bookmark favorites for later viewing.

New apps are now available for LG and Samsung Smart TVs, and updates available for a variety of platforms across the globe, including the Opera TV Store, Orange, Tivo for Ono, Roku and other IPTV and streaming services. Dailymotion is working to become compatible with all device sharing protocols, ensuring access to Dailymotion videos on all platforms.

Dailymotion is also working on thematic applications with various content partners such as Opera TV, in order to provide easier and more focused access to premium content hosted on Dailymotion.

The popular ‘featured videos’, available on Dailymotion.com, is now available on the Samsung Smart TV app, enabled with geo-targeting by country and region.

“Connected TVs are becoming increasingly popular, and Dailymotion’s new internet-TV and streaming platform strategy brings our extensive body of content to any home entertainment aficionados,” said Alexandre Makhloufi, Head of Community Management for Dailymotion. “Our goal is to always ensure that viewers have the best possible viewing experience no matter where or how they like to watch.”

For a full list of all Dailymotion’s new home theater and streaming entertainment offerings, please visit www.dailymotion.com.

About Dailymotion:
As one of the leading sites for sharing videos, Dailymotion attracts over 112 million unique monthly visitors and 2.5 billion videos views worldwide (source: ComScore, 2013). We offer the best content from users, independent content creators and premium partners. Using the most advanced technology for both users and content creators, we provide high-quality and HD video in a fast, easy-to-use online service that also automatically filters infringing material as notified by content owners. Offering 34 localized versions, our mission is to provide the best possible entertainment experience for users and the best marketing opportunities for advertisers, while respecting content protection. For further information, please visit www.dailymotion.com.