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Revenue Share Program Unveils New Monetization Opportunities for Publishers Tapping Dailymotion’s Content Library Featuring Millions of Videos Program Partners Include MSN Video, Frontier Communications’ TumTiki, starMedia, Veoh.com, TVGuide.com, Mefeedia.com and More

NEW YORK, N.Y. and REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – November 30, 2011 – Dailymotion, a leading global video streaming site attracting more than 114 million monthly unique visitors worldwide (comScore), is expanding its operations with a new office located in Redwood City, CA. The Silicon Valley operation will power Dailymotion’s
development with a significant focus around global publishing partnerships and its widely distributed video player. Partners can now access Dailymotion’s publishing hub for more information on monetization opportunities at http://publishers.dailymotion.com.

With more than 190 million monthly unique users (Source: Omniture) exposed to the Dailymotion player across platforms via Dailymotion.com and through third‐party publisher embeds, the company will accelerate the video player distribution through a wider network of publishers. With this enhanced revenue share offering, Dailymotion enables publishing partners monetization opportunities through its rich library featuring millions of videos, including premium offerings covering multiple genres and languages. To amplify revenue opportunities within the online video industry, Dailymotion makes its high‐quality content library available to partner publishers to improve their depth of content and increase engagement on their own network with more page views and time spent.

While offering content creators and owners continued revenue shares, Dailymotion will concurrently help publishers grow their revenues with a share of advertising sold on the player. The Dailymotion player is customizable, available for Web, mobile, tablets and connected TV platforms, allowing publishers to develop more relevant experiences for their audience. “This new model is about creating a virtuous circle in our video ecosystem,” said Luc Dumont, SVP International Development, based in the new California office. “We aim to 1. Offer a financial model for publishers that adopt our video player, 2. Create a strong alternative and global distribution network for content owners, and 3. Develop a network of quality publishers enabling advertisers to reach a massive audience.”

Dailymotion will develop its publishing operation from Silicon Valley, but its reach will be global. “As the second largest video site in the world, our video player and its development is critical to our growth,” said Roland Hamilton, managing director of Dailymotion USA. “We’ve established our global publishing hub in Redwood City to develop our product directly with the world’s top publishers to enhance video monetization within the video industry that benefits all participants, from content owner to platform and publisher.” Publishers now have access to a video‐rich experience for their networks that can be viewed on the Web and on multiple devices. MSN Video, TVGuide.com, Veoh, starMedia, TumTiki and others have recently deployed the Dailymotion player, leveraging the added revenue opportunities.

For more information, visit http://publishers.dailymotion.com.

About Dailymotion:
As one of the leading sites for sharing videos, Dailymotion attracts over 114 million unique monthly visitors(source: ComScore, May 2011) and 1.2 billion videos views worldwide, offering the best content from users,independent content creators and premium partners. Using the most advanced technology for both users and
content creators, Dailymotion provides high‐quality and HD video in a fast, easy‐to‐use online service that also automatically filters infringing material as notified by content owners. Offering 32 localized versions, Dailymotion’s mission is to provide the best possible entertainment experience for users and the best marketing opportunities for advertisers, while respecting content protection. For more information, visit http://www.dailymotion.com.